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Bert Kinister, the World's Master Instructor of Pocket Billiards, has created a spectacular series of billiard instructional videos to get your game to the next level in the shortest time possible...

* Bert Kinister's Pool Videos
* Classic Player Videos
* Don "The Preacher" Feeney
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Phone: ....1-800-898-7665
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1. Ask about their teaching credentials?
Bert Kinister was a professor of Political Economics at the University of Chicago for 13 years. He has taught every grade from kindergarten to graduate school and has been the most sought after Instructor of Pocket Billiards in the world since 1991. Bert has traveled over 200,000 miles and visited 10 countries teaching pool in the last 24 months alone!

2. Who else uses the instructions?
Champions who have had private lessons with Bert: Neils Feijen, Tony Robles, Danny Basavitch, Judy Anamasaris former Seniors Open winner, Orietta Strickland one of the top players in the Hunter Tour, Roland Acosta former Pan American champion, Aaron Franken the current Pan American champion. Allison Fisher has a full set of Bert's videos.

Most young professional players in the world today have used Bert's videos, just ask the best players where they learned a lot of their secrets! "Take years off the learning curve."

Instructors who buy and use Bert's instruction: Tim Miller "The Monk", Bob Henning author of "The Pro Book," Timothy White "The Australian Oyster", Steve Campagna author of "Black Belt Billiards Book," Dr. Dianne Sorrentino author of "The Complete Billiard Workbook."

3. Can your instructor actually play?
In the last 36 months Bert has beaten World Champion Mikka Immonen and U.S. Open Champion Jimmy Reed. He has placed 3rd at the International 8-Ball Championship (over 900 players), 8th at the Derby City 2004 (with 405 players), 16th through 32nd place at the IBC stop in Aruba with more that 7000 trying to qualify worldwide, and most recently, 1st place "Undefeated" in Scotch Doubles with Orietta Strickland at the BCA Pool League National 9-Ball Championships. "BERT CAN FLAT OUT PLAY!"

Guaranteed to take the pooch out of your game!

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New Volumes 74-79 PLUS 80

Volume 75- "HOW TO PLAY FOR AND USE BALL IN HAND" More mistakes are made here than anywhere else in the game.

Volume 76 -
"SECRETS OF FINESSE SHOTS AND OPTICAL ILLUSIONS" Never seen on DVD before. You have all missed these but never again.

Volume 77 -
"RAIL SHOTS" Stop misplaying shots frozen or near the rail.

Volume 78 -
"ADVANCED RAIL SHOTS" Advanced moves, Banks, and solutions to one pocket puzzles. Also how to run out like a professional. This information can be used for all games not just one hole.

Volume 79 -
"HOW TO DO IT AND HOW TO AVOID IT" Hustling is a boring, tedious affair. This is the truth about it.

Volume 80 - "POCKET BILLIARDS" Book on CD for your computer. This manuscript is the most comprehensive ever written. There is more than 30 years of work here. This is a 700 page book on CD for your computer. JUST TRY ASKING IT A QUESTION IT CAN'T ANSWER.

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Picture of Bert And Niels

News About Bert Kinister's Student Orietta Strickland-

Bert Kinister and Orietta Strickland played a nearly flawless finals to become the National Scotch Doubles 9-Ball Champions.

Orietta Strickland Steamrolls Huntor stop in Denver from the Losers side. She won 9 matches in a row and double dips the girl in the
Hot Seat 7-2, 7-3!

Bertís student, Orietta Strickland was featured in a major article in Cigar Aficionado Magazine!

Orietta Stickland was named Hunter Classic Tour Champion in 1996.

News About Bert Kinister's Student Niels Feijen-
Niels Feijen is one of the hottest players on the tour. He has been the Number 1 ranked player in Europe and the Number 1 ranked player in the world.

Niels wins the 2007 DCC 9-Ball Event.- January 13, 2007

The 2007 Derby City Classic was his for the taking. Feijen went undefeated in the first eleven rounds. He finished off Earl Strickkland, Thorsten Hohmann, Larry Nevel and Wade Crane on his way to the Finals. In order for Rodolfo Luat to take him down, he will have to beat Niels twice. Luat managed to beat Niels in the first match and so everything was riding in the Final match. Finding himself in a Hill-Hill game for the cash, Niels, with pure heart and determination, studied a 2-9 combo for nearly 3 minutes. He found the right focus and fired it in for the win.

The 2007 17th Annual International Champion of Champions, Niels Fiejen! At the Mohegan Sun Casino Resort in Uncasville, Connecticut, Niels soaked up the $50,000 winner take all event. Niels defeated Lee Van Corteza of the Philippines in a Sudden Death crowd pleaser. The last game was an all out safety battle that was just amazing. This event has eight champions competing against each other for the title. John Schmidt, Thorsten Hohmann, Johnny Archer, Ching Shun Yang, Ronnie Alcano and Ralf Souquet were the other champions that completed this incredible lineup.

Feijen is doing well on the IPT and the World Pool League
- October 27, 2006

Niels Feijen is currently 18th on the IPT with the 8th best Break and Run Out percentage on the tour. Neils is also ranked 5th on the WPA playing in only 9 of the 13 events. His latest success came rectently in the World Pool League. He just finished 2nd there. It is no doubt that Neils is one of the most feared competitors in the world.


Niels Fiejen wins the skins game $43,000, The Big Apple Open and several
Europe stops this year.

Feijen is Champion of the Skins Game! - November 20, 2004

Niels Feijen wins the first ever Skins Billiard Championship Title. With just over $100,00 to hand out during this event, Neils took home a bankroll of $42,500.

The lineup was as follows:
Group No. 1-Feijen, McCready, Morris, Jones;
Group No. 2-Williams, Blanda, Archer, Petroni;
Group No. 3-Massey, Salvas, Nevel, Santos;
Group No. 4-Hohmann, Owen, Strickland, Deuel

Everyone is saying that this is the one to watch on TV. It had everything you'd expect from this type of format. There was great pressure and emotion, entertaining moments, excitement, controversy, and of course, Neils showing how to run racks!

Feijen runs 15 racks in Netherlands
- October 29, 2003

Niels Feijen is one of the top players in The Netherlands this weekend for the 4th Open Weert 9-Ball Championship.

While preparing for the event, Feijen accomplished something that many top players may never come close to. In a 'challenge match' against French player Donald Du Bois, Feijen broke and ran 15 consecutive 9-ball racks on a regulation 4 1/2 X 9' table.

Niels brought up the question of whether there are documented accounts of any players stringing together more racks than this in tournament or private play.

When talking about stringing together racks, Earl Strickland's million dollar run of eleven racks comes to mind as well as Johnny Archer's "13 and out" against Francisco Bustamante years ago. If you know of documents runs of more than fifteen, please e-mail us the story.